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We all have thoughts and memories we want to keep

Never miss an important point on your timeline


Timeline enables you to record memories and thoughts how you want. Write a thought, freeze a moment in a photo, record a laugh or draw an emotion, with Timeline you get all your memories stored on your device and backed up to your cloud. Timeline is privacy by design, we build the memory app we always wanted but could never find.

Infinite Possibilities

See how you can record moments to your timeline

Storing  your daughters music practice and that first memory of hearing her first notes.


Add context to your memories

Record when and where your memories occured and who was there. Adding a location map, audio recordings or the weather helps bring those memories to life when looking back in the future.

Find and Share Easily
Search through your thoughts and share with others with privacy focused features.
Privacy by Design
No ads, no tracking, no monitoring your memories. All data is stored on your device or synced to your cloud.
Store Rich Content
Add many different types of media, from text to audio to drawings.
Finally, an app I can use for me.
Tom Allen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Timeline on Android?

Timeline is available for both Android and iOS devices.

What data do you store?

All data for Timeline is stored on your device, we never store your data on our services. There are some advanced functionality such as transcribing audio to text where we send that audio recording to our servers for transcription . But that recording isn't stored and we have no method to link that text transcribed to you as a user. We created Timeline to be the most privacy centric way to record your memories.

Can I backup my data in Timeline?

Yes, you can do this on iOS via iCloud backups, we are adding synchronisation support for Dropbox currently and are open to other cloud storage providers, please email us if you have a suggestion.

Why do you charge an annual subscription?

We feel that if you enjoy using Timeline we want it to be as simple as possible to use and therefore we charge our subscription as a single annual payment. If you do decide to stop paying for Timeline you will be able to access and export any or all of you data at any time, you will just be restricted by adding new entries when you no longer have a paid account.
USE Cases

How people use Timeline

Timeline is being used across the world at home and at work, see how people are using Timeline to record their memories and thoughts.

[Will add use cases in future]

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